Mazafati Dates

Mazafati Dates

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ProductMazafati Dates
HS Code8041040
PackingCarton – PP Food Grade
Weight500 gr Small Carton , 7 Kg Per Box
Moisture20% – 30%
Minimum of Order10 MT





What is Mazafati dates?

Mazafati date is an oval-shaped fruit with a soft texture that is between 3 and 4 cm in size. Mazafati dates are usually known for their shiny black color; But it is said that it has a color between dark brown and black. The skin of Mazafati dates is easy to separate from its flesh. Due to the fact that Mazafati dates have a lot of juice, about 15 to 35% of its volume includes its moisture. This is why Mazafati dates are not included in the category of dry dates. Due to the fact that Mazafati dates are harvested in the wet stage, they are also called Mazafati dates.

Benefits of Mazafati Dates:

The nature of Mazafati dates is warm and it is more useful for cold-tempered people. The nutritional value of extra dates includes iron, energy, calcium, potassium and other useful substances. Consuming additional dates is useful for improving the condition of the heart, bone health, controlling blood pressure, reducing stress, treating anemia, and strengthening the immune system.

What is the method of identifying Mazafati dates?

The question that arises to identify types of dates is, what is the method of identifying Mazafati dates? Every useful food has its good properties as long as no damage is done to its desirable quality. Choosing quality Mazafati dates also includes this important issue; Therefore, in order to recognize that an Mazafati date has a good quality, it is recommended to use the following methods:

  • First of all, pay attention to the appearance of the Mazafati dates. If it has a natural shape and size, you can hope for its good quality. Be careful not to choose crushed dates with an unpleasant smell and inappropriate texture
  • Since Mazafati dates are classified as moist fruits, pay attention to the moisture and juice of Mazafati dates. A Mazafati date that has more juice and has not lost its moisture can be a quality date.
  •  The color of additional dates is another important thing that you can pay attention to in order to measure its quality. Mazafati dates in the wet type have a dark brown color and the more ripe they become, the color becomes darker and finally ends in black.
  • When buying, make sure that the dates are uniform and of the same size. This issue is another sign of the quality of Mazafati dates.
  • Various brands are active in the field of packaging and supply of dates, choose famous and well-known brands to buy.
  • Finally, make your purchase only from centers that guarantee the freshness and quality of their products.


Nutritional value per 100 grams of Mazafati dates

Nutritional value per 100 grams of Mazafati datesValue
Energy261 kilocalories
Carbohydrates52 grams
Sugar46 grams
Total fat5.6 grams
Protein1.61 grams
Iron2.7 mg
Calcium27-70 mg
Sodium14 mg
Phosphorus53 mg
Potassium625 mg


Mazafati dates are one of the most famous and high quality dates in Iran. BTE food company has been operating in Bam region for nearly a decade and exports all kinds of dates to different countries.