Kabkab Dates

Kabkab Dates

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ProductKabkab Dates
HS Code8041020
PackingVacum – PP Food Grade
Weight1 Kg- 1/7 Kg PP Food Grade and 10 Kg Carton
Minimum of Order5 Ton




What is Kabkab dates?

Kabkab date is one of the juicy and semi-dry or moist dates in Iran. The shape of this date is oval, it has a thik skin that is attached to the date fruit. Kabkab dates are mostly grown in the southern provinces of Iran, including Bushehr province and especially in Dashtestan city. Dates Kabkab of Bushehr province are known all over the world.

This product is available in the market in three forms: semi-dried dates without juice, compressed dates with sticky packaging, dates with juice.


Appearance characteristics of Kabkab dates:

  • Minimum weight of 10 and maximum of 18 grams
  • Meat to core ratio of 95%
  • Fruit length 3.5 to 4 cm
  • Maximum humidity of 20%
  • Relatively dark brown color

Kabkab Date Taste

Kabkab Date is very delicious sweetness and contain full of syrup.

Benefits of Kabkab dates:

There are minerals such as: potassium, calcium, fiber, iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, and carbohydrates in the ingredients of Kabakab dates. Due to the high nutritional value of Kabkab dates, this valuable food item can be used to treat many deficiencies and diseases:

  1. Kabkab dates provide high energy to the body and its consumption is suitable after sports and intellectual activities.
  2. This date has a lot of magnesium and causes weight loss and blood pressure.
  3. The iron in Kabakab dates can help treat anemia, cardiovascular problems.
  4. The calcium present in the kabkab dates prevents osteoporosis and strengthens the bones.
  5. Due to the high antioxidant content in the dates, it helps to prevent and treat cancers.
  6. Improves digestive problems due to its high fiber content.
  7. Due to the presence of vitamin C, it helps to treat colds faster.
  8. Regular consumption of Kabkab dates improves cognitive function in elderly people.
  9. Consuming pumpkin dates prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease and reduces brain inflammation.


What is the method of identifying quality Kabkab dates?

  • Pay attention that the appearance of the date is not abnormal. Avoid choosing dates that are crushed or have an unpleasant smell.
  • The skin of Kabakab dates should not be too dry or have too much juice. A limited amount of juice is acceptable.
  • Pay attention to the color of Kabkab dates, it should be dark brown.
  • When buying, make sure that the dates are uniform. This issue is another sign of the quality of Kabkab dates.
  • Various brands are active in the field of packaging and supply of dates, choose famous and well-known brands to buy.
  • Finally, make your purchase only from centers that guarantee the freshness and quality of their products.


Kabkab Date Harvesting Time

abkab Date harvesting time in Iran is Mid-September.



Kabkab date price in iran

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Packaging information

We offer Kabkab dates to our customers in the following two common packaging types based on the weight of the package:

  • 5 kg cartons
  • 10 kg cartons

We can provide other types of packaging according to customer requests and target market needs.


Shipping information

We have most experienced shipping agents ،We entrust the most convenient way and the most suitable price to send your orders to our most experienced shipping agencies. So don’t hesitate! Go ahead and place your order online. Your order will be prepared in the shortest possible time and sent to you through the most suitable route.

Kabkab dates are among the best dates in Iran after Mozafati dates. BTEfood food company supplies this type of date from Bushehr province and exports it to different countries.